What temp is too hot for guinea pigs? (2023)

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What temp is too hot for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to both heat and cold. Keep them in temperatures between 60 and 85 °F to avoid putting their health at risk.

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How do I know if its too hot for my guinea pig?

The pet may lay down on its side on the floor of the cage. This means the guinea pig's body is succumbing to the heat. Remember, it's rare for this pet to lie down in its cage even when it's just sleeping. Drooling is another indication that a guinea pig is overheated.

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Are guinea pigs OK in hot weather?

Guinea pigs are vulnerable to heat. Originally native to the cold heights of the Andes, these animals are better suited to cooler temperatures. Guinea pigs have no sweat glands, and heat regulation by means of sweating is not possible for them, meaning these rodents are exposed to great health risks in summer.

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At what temperature do guinea pigs have heat stroke?

In fact, when temperatures rise above 78 F (26 C), guinea pigs can experience heat stroke in as little as 10 minutes.

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How do you keep guinea pigs cool in hot weather?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep guinea pigs cool in hot weather is by making sure they have access to cool, clean, fresh water all day, every day. If necessary, add extra water dispensers around the hutch so that there is plenty of water on tap.

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How do you prevent heat stroke in guinea pigs?

What You Can Do to Prevent Heat Stroke. When temperatures are hot, the most important things to remember is to remove the guinea pigs from any environment that is too hot. If the guinea pigs are outside, take them inside. If you cannot immediately take them inside, make sure the guinea pigs stay in a cool, shady area.

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Can guinea pigs live outside in the summer?

Guinea pigs can live indoors or outdoors, so long as they have enough space and you can keep them at a comfortable temperature in the summer heat or bad winter weather. You can also keep your guinea pigs in their own heated outhouse, a car-free garage or a shed.

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Is 85 degrees too hot for a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to both heat and cold. Keep them in temperatures between 60 and 85 °F to avoid putting their health at risk.

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Can guinea pigs be in air conditioning?

When using a fan or air conditioner to cool your guinea pig's room, make sure the air is blowing AWAY from your guinea pig's cage. To avoid the chance of an upper respiratory infection (URI), the unit should not be blowing air in any part of your guinea pig's living environment.

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Can you give guinea pigs ice?

Guinea Pigs drink a lot of water in high temperatures but they don't like it ice cold as it can send them into shock, so don't add ice cubes to their containers.


Do guinea pigs breathe fast when hot?

Guinea pigs can also suffer from heat stroke if they get too hot which can lead to severe breathing problems and sadly can be fatal, so it's important to take steps to keep your guinea pigs safe in hot weather. Symptoms of breathing problems include: Breathing quicker than normal. Wheezing.

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How long can guinea pigs be in heat?

The guinea pig's heat cycle lasts 16 days. The period during which the female is receptive to the male and will allow breeding lasts about 8 hours. Female guinea pigs can come back into heat 15 hours after giving birth.

What temp is too hot for guinea pigs? (2023)
What is the lifespan of a guinea pig?

Typically guinea pigs live for 5-6 years, but some may live longer. Guinea pigs are active up to 20 hours per day, and only sleep for short periods.

Do guinea pigs like water to cool down?

Don't be tempted to give them a cool bath

Never place your guinea pigs directly into cold water – not only is bathing very stressful for them, it can also cause their small, sensitive bodies to go into shock!

Can you put an ice pack in a guinea pig cage?

Ice packs/Bottles: These items are a fantastic way to cool down your guinea pigs cage area and also provide a cold place to sit if temperatures rise.

What relaxes guinea pigs?

Avoid known stressors. House guinea pigs in a quiet area away from other pets or activity. Limit the number of animals in each enclosure to prevent overcrowding, and don't change their social groups too often. Follow a consistent routine for daily care.

How long does it take for a guinea pig to get heat stroke?

Heatstroke in Guinea pigs can happen in less than an hour and can result from anything that makes a Guinea pig's body get too warm too quickly. Some examples of situations that may result in heatstroke include: Being left in a hot vehicle. Sitting in the sun.

How do I make sure my guinea pig has enough vitamin C?

Because vitamin C usually degrades rather quickly, it is crucial to also offer your guinea pig vitamin C-rich vegetables and fruit on a daily basis. About 1/8 cup of pellets once a day—supplemented by hay and fresh vegetables as described below—will be enough.

Are guinea pigs happier inside or outside?

Guinea pigs housed indoors don't live any longer than outdoor guinea pigs. There are equal benefits of both accommodation preferences. As long as you're meeting the five welfare needs for your piggies, they'll live happy and healthy lives.

Can guinea pigs stay in the sun?

Outdoor accommodation - if you're keeping your guinea pigs outside, their hutch should be sheltered from direct sun and direct wind. In temperatures below 15°C, you should move them indoors. They'll also need sufficient bedding throughout the whole enclosure to keep them warm.

Can guinea pigs be left in the sun?

A: Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, cannot regulate their body temperature very well. They should never be put into direct sunlight or a hot room. Your pets suffered heatstroke from being out in the sun, even though it was just a few minutes.

Is 90 degrees too hot for a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs should be kept in temperatures around 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 80 degrees or below 60 degrees is detrimental to their health.

Do guinea pigs prefer light or dark?

They could be up at two in the morning running around with each other, or asleep at eight in the morning and up again an hour later. It's safe to say that guinea pigs enjoy the dark at least, but we'd even go as far as to say they prefer the dark!

Should you cover a guinea pig cage at night?

Generally speaking, you only need to cover a guinea pig cage that has high enough walls if you need to keep kids, cats or dogs out.

What ventilation do guinea pigs need?

Good ventilation is important to keep guinea pigs healthy, so if a cage with solid sides is selected, the top should be wire mesh that allows for plenty of air. Guinea pigs do not jump, so a lid is not required to control guinea pig activity.

Do guinea pigs get cold at night?

Guinea Pigs like temperatures of between 18 to 23 degrees Celsius. If it drops below 15 degrees your piggy can get chilled.

Is dry air bad for guinea pigs?

Breathing dry air causes acute epithelial damage and inflammation of the guinea pig trachea.

Can guinea pigs drink Kool Aid?

It's unhealthy for guinea pigs to ingest high sugar, high salt, or high fat drinks. That eliminates soda, juice, dairy, sport drinks, and others.

What not to do with guinea pigs?

Guinea Pig Housing Or Environment Mistakes To Avoid
  • No free-roaming in unsafe areas. ...
  • No warm environment. ...
  • No exercise balls. ...
  • No sharing a habitat with other species, even rabbits. ...
  • No poorly ventilated, small, or all wire-floored housing. ...
  • No skimping on cleaning.
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What can guinea pigs drink besides water?

Guinea pig can have unsweetened apple juice and unsweetened cranberry juice. We really need to emphasize the unsweetened part because fruit juices are already naturally sweet, and you don't want to give your piggy too much sugar. In fact, even unsweetened juices need to be diluted before you let them drink it.

Why is my guinea pig suddenly quiet?

Quiet Guinea Pigs

Some guinea pigs just “talk” more than others. The only time to be concerned is if your guinea pig suddenly changes his or her routine. A guinea pig who is usually vocal but suddenly becomes quiet, or vice versa, might be signaling that there's a problem. Perhaps he or she isn't feeling well.

What if my guinea pig is not eating crusty eyes?

See a vet immediately if your cavy shows any of these signs: Refusal to eat or drink. Labored breathing, wheezing. Crusty eyes, sneezing.

Do guinea pigs have good memory?

According to studies guinea pigs have a sharp memory that allows them to remember their paths in the wild. As prey animals, having a sharp mind allows them to remember food sources and outsmart predators.

Why is my guinea pig purring?

Purring is usually associated with being content or happy. You will most likely hear it when you are gently petting your pig. However, sometimes when they hear a startling noise or suddenly feel threatened, they will vocalize this same noise but in short spurts.

What does guinea pig rumbling mean?

Rumbling is similar to purring but sounds much deeper. The rumble is used by male guinea pigs to get the attention of female piggies, whilst females will rumble to signal to males that they are ready to mate.

What is the oldest living pet guinea pig?

The impressive animal lived to be 14 years and 10.5 months old before passing away on February 14, 1979. Guinea pigs usually live between 4 to 7 years, so Snowball's owner Margate Wall, of Bingham, was understandably astonished her pet lived for so long.

How many human years is one guinea pig year?

Before we share some tips on how to estimate her age, let's take a look at other things you want to know about the guinea pig aging process. In human years, a year-old piggy would be about 10 years of age. That means that they would be around 50 to 70 human years once they reach old age.

What breed of guinea pig lives the longest?

Peruvians or Shelties are thought to live the longest, whereas hairless breeds like the Baldwin and the skinny pig are thought to have the shortest lifespan. Diet: All Guinea pigs (regardless of age, breed, or sex) will need a well-balanced diet consisting of pellets, hay, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

What not to put in a guinea pig cage?

It is important that you only use paper! Guinea pigs like to chew on everything and if you use materials like metal or plastic, they can hurt their teeth or accidentally ingest it.

Can I put a frozen water bottle in my guinea pig cage?

More Cooling Power Tips

Frozen water bottles popped in their hutch and run will be a great help, they can lie against them and even a breeze will also create that refreshing bit of cool air. I would freeze 2/3 bottles so you don't run out. The larger the bottle the longer they will last in the heat.

Can I put a pillow in my guinea pig cage?

Did you know that guinea pigs love using pillows too? Like us, they love to rest their heads on a soft and cozy cushion. So cute! Our pillows come in sets of two.

Can guinea pigs use cooling pads?

Use ice packs

They can lie on this to cool themselves down. Make sure you have enough for all your guinea pigs to use your homemade cooling mat. Check out this Scratch and Newton Ice Pod which is perfect for placing in your guinea pig's housing to keep them cool.

What type of bedding is toxic to guinea pigs?

Whilst wood shavings are widely used as guinea pig bedding, be careful shavings made from pine and cedar may contain chemical nasties which can be toxic to guinea pigs. Untreated pine and cedar can cause guinea pig health issues including respiratory diseases and liver disease.

Do guinea pigs like hot or cold water?

Guinea pigs should always be given cold water and not warm or hot water. But don't chill the water as it's fine straight from the tap.

When should I be worried about my guinea pig?

Changes in behaviour (such as weakness lethargy, or aggression in normally non-aggressive animals) Squealing or flinching when touched (if this is not normal for that individual, some are quite reactive to being handled) Abnormal breathing (e.g. rapid, shallow, raspy) Discharge from the nose and eyes and/or sneezing.

Can you put ice in guinea pigs water?

Guinea Pigs drink a lot of water in high temperatures but they don't like it ice cold as it can send them into shock, so don't add ice cubes to their containers. Instead, change the water for them regularly (every 2-3 hours ideally) to keep it fresh and cool.

Do guinea pigs like air conditioning?

Fans can help cool the air, but the feeling of having air constantly blown at it can stress out your guinea pig. Make sure the air in the cage doesn't get too cold as a result of using air conditioning. Your guinea pig's cage should never be colder than 50 °F (10 °C).

Can guinea pigs handle air conditioning?

When using a fan or air conditioner to cool your guinea pig's room, make sure the air is blowing AWAY from your guinea pig's cage. To avoid the chance of an upper respiratory infection (URI), the unit should not be blowing air in any part of your guinea pig's living environment.

How often do you need to clean a guinea pig cage?

In addition to cleaning your guinea pig's habitat & accessories completely once a week, spot cleaning should be done daily. Spot cleaning can be done by removing soiled litter and bedding with a small food or litter scoop.

How often do you change guinea pig bedding?

No matter what type of bedding you choose for your guinea pig, the most important thing is to keep it clean. Hay and straw should be changed every week, and recycled paper products should be changed every two weeks. Newspaper should be changed every week.

Can guinea pigs drink tap water?

A good rule is to offer your guinea pigs the same type of plain water that you drink. If you drink tap water, that's fine for your guinea pigs. Bottled water? That's fine, too.

Can a guinea pig drink from a bowl?

Water bowls are also another option that can be used in conjunction with bottles. A heavy ceramic bowl which cannot be easily tipped over is best. Some guinea pigs may find it much easier to drink from a bowl compared to a bottle, however bowls will require frequent rinsing and cleaning as they may become soiled.

Do guinea pigs like baths?

Guinea pigs don't enjoy being wet, and in cold climates bathing guinea pigs and not drying them off properly can give them chills, and make them feel very miserable at the very least.


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